Install the icom Data Suite on your router

The edge computing application icom Data Suite needs to be installed on the router.

  • Wait until the WAN LED lights permanently.

  • Execute the icom Data Suite/Container wizard.

en startup wizard complete link

en ids wizard link

If you are still on the Startup wizard result page from the last step

From the Help menu on the Wizards page

  • Select Automatic download from the Internet and icom Data Suite update server as Source in the Install software packet section.

en ids wizard

  • Click on Execute wizard

You’ll be informed about the progress of the wizard.

  • Click on the IP address link that appears after successful completion of the wizard to open the web interface of the icom Data Suite.

en ids wizard complete

If your browser displays a security warning at this stage, accept the risk and proceed with opening the web interface.
  • Login to the icom Data Suite using the default credentials Name: insys and Password: icom.

  • Click on the question mark in the title bar (Display help text) and show the inline help to get more information about what you configure.

  • Click on the icon of your preferred language in the title bar on the left.