The Industrial IoT Kit of INSYS icom is a fantastic tool to make the first steps into the Internet of Things on the ALSO IoT Platform.

This full package allows you to realise a quick entry into industrial applications such as data acquisition, edge computing and remote maintenance.

In this special kit we offer our Smart IoT Gateway solution consisting of our robust VPN router ECR-LW300 and a complete scalable software package for device connection, data processing, administration, operation and maintenance. The package is rounded off with carefully selected high quality accessories such as antennas for Wi-Fi (WLAN) and 4G/3G/2G, a Modbus sensor for temperature and humidity and a power supply unit. You are granted access to the ALSO IoT Platform and are eligible to obtain a free full and unlimited licence for the icom Data Suite for your Smart IoT Gateway (router).

The device is ready to start and smart wizards are available to guide you through start-up, so that you can set up the Industrial IoT Kit in a few minutes and experience how fast industrial IoT can become your reality.

Further interesting applications can be configured with this as an starting point.

Checking the Scope of Delivery

Commissioning the Device

Commissioning the Application

Visualising & Sharing the Data

How it Works

Enhancing the Solution

With installing the icom Data Suite and connecting to the ALSO IoT Platform you turned an industrial router into an Industrial IoT gateway.
Monitor now the collected data from your Modbus sensor in a modern cloud system. This took just a few minutes for you.
Start a bidirectional communication between the cloud and your device without investing any further programming efforts. Your time invest on the configuration was enough.
Observe and display essential environmental data like temperature and humidity as well as device status information.
Control the test signal by sending commands down to the device.
Because of its flexibility it is a perfect starting point for possible next steps as e.g. integration into your machine or site.

Go One Step Ahead with the Solution