The icom Connectivity Suite from INSYS icom provides a user-friendly common portal for easy management of their VPN and SIM card services.

The icom Connectivity Suite - VPN is a service of INSYS icom for the simple and secure network connection of locations, plants or mobile devices via a VPN network. The PCs and routers as well as locally connected network devices (e.g. Controls or measuring devices) connected via the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN are accessible in all networks. Simple rules enable to define which participants are allowed to connect with each other and which connections are not permitted.

The icom Connectivity Suite – M2M SIM is a service from INSYS icom for the simple management of the network operator-independent M2M SIM card for M2M and IoT applications.

The services are well integrated, but can also be used separately and independent of each other. Depending on the service, the portal offers the following options:

The overview page of the icom Connectivity Suite contains a dashboard with the following views:

The overview page (dashboard) will be refreshed when the page is loaded by the browser or by refreshing the page in the browser (refresh or Ctrl + F5).

If the menu bar is hidden due to the width of the browser window, click on menu at the top left of the title bar to open the overview of the icom Connectivity Suite - M2M SIM menus:

Useful information:

A link to this help help circle outline, a link to the classic view arrow u left top, a notification icon bell circle and a link to open the profile menu account are available at the top right of the title bar. You will find the language selection and a button for logging out logout md in the profile menu.