Alert notifications are defined here. The alerts defined here can then be used for the individual SIM cards (resources). To do this, they must be assigned to the respective card on the card details page. When the data usage limit set in the alert is reached, the card can be deactivated and/or an email can be sent to the specified recipients. It is not possible to set up alerts when a certain number of SMS is reached at the moment.

A click on bell plus NEW ALERT adds an alert to the list of alerts. The threshold value for the amount of transmitted data is specified in the Limit column; when this is reached, this alert will be triggered. The default value for this is 10 MB. When a percentage value is given, it refers to the included data volume of the rate plan of the card to which this alarm is assigned. In the Deactivate card? column, it is specified whether the SIM card is deactivated when this alert is triggered. The default value when creating an alert is no deactivation; a deactivation must be configured. In the column Send E-mail?, e-mail addresses are specified to which a notification will be sent when this alert is triggered. The e-mail address of the current user will be entered when the alert is created; further addresses can be added. A click on delete red in the Actions column will delete this alert. A deleted alarm cannot be restored.

Note Depending on the network operator, the limit may be exceeded by up to 20 % before the alert is triggered. If a download is in progress while the card is deactivated, it will still be completed and thus the amount of data will increase.

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