Important activities in the icom Connectivity Suite Portal, the icom Connectivity Suite – M2M SIM and the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN are displayed in the Activities list. The acrivities include for example alerts or events regarding the management of users or SIM cards. Resources in this context are, for example, SIM cards, rate plans, alerts, users or devices.

The date of the last update of the list is appears in the upper right corner of the list. A click on refresh updates the list immediately. All timestamps are in CET.

The activities appear in the list with the abbreviation for the affected applications:

If one or more of these applications are selected in the drop-down list above the table, only activities related to this application are displayed.

The visible columns of the list are defined with a click on view column COLUMNS. A filter variant FILTER permits the list to be filtered by searched content. Changes to the columns and applied filters will be reset the next time the page is loaded. tray arrow down EXPORT permits to export the visible content of the list to a CSV file (storage in the download directory of the browser) or print it.

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