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The following is a definition of terms that have a fix meaning in connection with the router.

  • Action: An operation that is started by the router upon the occurrence of an event.
  • ASCII configuration: A file in ASCII format that contains a profile and can be edited in a text editor.
  • Binary configuration: Encrypted file that contains a profile.
  • Event: A status change in or at the router that allows to trigger an action as soon as it occurs.
  • Interface: This can be used as interface in WAN chains, for defining netfilters, routing or triggering events in the router configuration.
  • IP network: A network interface to which one or more Ethernet ports are assigned. It can be defined as local network (LAN) or WAN.
  • LAN, local network: A LAN or local network is an interface that is immediately started with the router start.
  • Message: A message can be used as action triggered by an event to dispatch a message to one or more recipients.
  • Profile: A profile is used to configure the router and contains all device and user settings.
  • WAN: A WAN is an interface that will only be started within a WAN chain.
  • WAN group: Virtual group that contains interfaces (e.g. VPN tunnels). The interfaces of the WAN group will be started and stopped in parallel when they are part of a WAN chain.
  • WAN chain: A sequential arrangement of interfaces or WAN groups that defines the establishment of a WAN connection.

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