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Actions are operations that are started by the router upon the occurrence of an event.

The following actions are available at the moment:

  • Synchronise clock via NTP: The internal clock will be synchronised with the configured NTP server.
  • Restart system: The router will perform a restart.
  • Set INFO LED: The Info LED in slot 2 will be switched on, switched off or start to blink.
  • Send message: The selected message will be dispatched.
  • Start WAN chain: The selected WAN chain will be started.
  • Turn off/on or log out/in modem: The selected modem will either be logged out, logged in, switched off or switched on. If a logged out or switched off modem is used in an active WAN chain, it will be switched on and logged in again immediately. If it is not part of an active WAN chain, it will first be activated (and logged in), if a WAN chain will be started, in which it is contained, or if it will be switched on or logged in by an action. For SMS dispatch, a modem must be switched on and logged in, but it does not have to be part of a WAN chain. DSL modems can only be switched off (e.g. for power-saving purposes) or switched on.
  • Start or stop container: The selected container will be started or stopped. The container must be active for this.
  • Start Auto-Update: The automatic update process will be started.
  • Activate firmware: The selected firmware will be activated.
  • Activate profile: The selected profile will be activated and opened.
  • Apply ASCII configuration: The selected ASCII configuration will be applied to the opened profile. If this ASCII configuration contains a Lua script, it will also be executed.
  • Start or stop countdown: The selected countdown timer will either be started or stopped.
  • Set counter: The selected counter will either be reset, incremented by one or decremented by one.
  • Set digital output: The selected digital output will be opened, closed, changed over or pulsed.
  • Set analogue output: The selected analogue output will be set to the specified value.
  • Connect or disconnect serial Ethernet gateway: The selected serial Ethernet gateway will either be connected or disconnected, i.e. the TCP connection to the specified remote terminal will be established or closed.
  • Start sleep mode: The router will be put into sleep mode. The router will restart after the expiry of the configured length, a reset, a temporary loss of power supply or change of state at one of the inputs. This functionality depends on a certain hardware equipment and is not available for all routers.

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