This Configuration Guide shows how to start and stop a VPN connection to the icom Connectivity Suite remotely using the Command Shell in Cumulocity Cloud or Telekom Cloud of Things.

You may proceed accordingly for any other VPN connection of an INSYS Smart Device.


Your router is configured for a connection to the icom Connectivity Suite as described in the Configuration Guide Configuring an INSYS Router with icom OS for the icom Connectivity Suite - VPN. You want to start and stop the VPN tunnel via Cloud Control now.


This can be achieved by adding another WAN chain without a VPN tunnel. If this WAN chain will activated, the WAN connection will be stopped. If the previous WAN chain will activated again, the WAN connection will be restarted. If the device is restarted, the first WAN chain with the VPN interface will always be active.


  • You have access to the web interface of the router.

  • You have a cloud service account.

  • The router must be registered in the cloud service. [1]

Router configuration

  1. Open web interface of the router using a browser: [2]

  2. In the WANWAN chains menu, add a new WAN chain ().

  3. Add an interface to the new WAN chain wan2 () and edit it (): [3]

    • Interface: lte2

    • Start WAN chain in case of failure: wan2

    • Connection check type: none

  4. Click on Save settings.

  5. Activate the profile by clicking the blinking gear in the title bar ().

Command Shell operation

  1. Log in to your Cumulocity Cloud account.

  2. Click on Other applications () in the top right corner and select Device management.

  3. Click on All devices and select your router in the list of all devices.

  4. Click on Shell ()

  5. In order to stop the VPN connection, enter in the >_ Command field: [4] [5]

  6. Click on Execute.

  7. In order to restart the VPN connection, enter in the >_ Command field: [6] [5]

  8. Click on Execute.

The prefix M3. determines that the commands are sent to the router. The prefix IDS. would determine that the commands are sent to the icom Data Suite.

The commands issued will appear in the command history as PENDING. The commands will start the selected WAN chain. After the WAN chain has established the new WAN connection, the command history will show SUCCESSFUL for the commands issued.


  • The commands entered in the Command Shell are case-sensitive.

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1. Refer to the Configuration Guide Registering and Sending a Value to the Cumulocity Cloud to see how to register a router in the Cumulocity Cloud
2. Login depending on configuration; default for past firmware versions: User name: insys, Password: icom
3. This configures a second WAN chain that is identical to the first, but does not contain an OpenVPN interface.
4. This command sets WAN chain wan2 for a start.
5. This command initiates the start of the set WAN chain.
6. This command sets WAN chain wan1 for a start.