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FAQ - How to Ensure a Regular Update of the Clock Time?

The internal clock of the router should always be set correctly to ensure that time-controlled events are processed precisely to the desired time, system messages are dated correctly and certificates are within their validity period. A regular synchronisation with an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server is recommended for this. This can be achieved using the action Synchronise clock via NTP. The action will be triggered by a regular event, like the expiration of a timer or the condition change of an interface.

The startup wizard makes all necessary settings that the time is always synchronised when the respective WAN chain went online.

In order to get a synchronisation at a certain time, the router must be configured as follows:

  • Add a timer of the type Fix set time with a daily time (menu Events - page Timer)
  • Add an event Timer expired of this timer with the action Synchronise clock via NTP (menu Events - page Events)

Moreover, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • An NTP server must be entered (menu Administration - page Time / Date)
  • The NTP server must be accessible (via a functional WAN connection or in the local network)
  • A default route must be entered (menu Routing - page Static routes)
  • An IP filter rule must be entered that permits the NTP requests of the router (Packet direction: OUTPUT, Protocol: UDP, Destination port: 123) via the respective WAN interface (menu Netfilter - page IP filter)

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