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Automatic update

The automatic update is used to provide devices in the field with updated firmware or configurations. The download list is on a central server and is checked by the devices if the action "Start Auto-Update" is triggered by an event.

Download list syntax

The download list is a text file (ASCII or UTF-8 without BOM) that refers to the update packet to be downloaded. A line consists of two fields that are separated by;.
The first field contains either the device-individual serial number or*as a wildcard for all devices.
The second field contains the absolute path to the update packet.
Lines beginning with#will be ignored.
Only the first fitting line will be evaluated on each device.


In order to avoid the transmission of unnecessary data, the fields Content-MD5, ETag and Last-Modified can be evaluated from the HTTP or FTP header of the auto update server. In case of FTP, only Last-Modified will be evaluated. Since not all servers transmit these fields, the file name of the update packet can also be checked. This can be configured using the Precondition for download option. However, if the auto update is started using the Start auto update now button in the web interface, the auto update cache will be deleted first to force an update. If the update packet has been downloaded successfully, the individual entries will be applied in the order listed in the manifest.

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