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The following is a definition of terms that have a fix meaning in connection with the icom Data Suite.

  • Action: An operation that is started by the icom Data Suite upon the occurrence of an event.
  • Application Connector: An Application Connector is used to connected local, distributed applications to an INSYS Smart Device (industrial router).
  • ASCII configuration: A file in ASCII format that contains a profile and can be edited in a text editor.
  • Binary configuration: Encrypted file that contains a profile.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard is a freely configurable overview website for your application.
  • Destination Connector: A Destination Connector is the counterpart to the Application Connector and connects an INSYS Smart Device to the customer infrastructure like (mobile) terminal devices, control centers, MES, SCADA or ERP systems as well as cloud services.
  • Event: A status change in or at the router or icom Data Suite that allows to trigger an action as soon as it occurs.
  • License: The licence determines the functional scope of the icom Data Suite. It permits a flexible adaptation to the requirements of the user.
  • Message: A message can be used as action triggered by an event to dispatch a message to one or more recipients.
  • Profile: A profile is used to configure the icom Data Suite and contains all settings.
  • System Status: The different system status values of the router can be used as data points in the icom Data Suite.

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