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Actions are operations that are started by the icom Data Suite upon the occurrence of an event.

The following actions are available at the moment:

  • Set digital data point: The selected digital data point (like a flag, an output at the router or an element of a control) will be set to "1" or "0" (or closed or opened) or toggled.
  • Change analogue data point : The selected analogue data point (like a flag, a Modbus register or an element of a control) will be set to a user-defined value or a value of a selected data point, incremented by this or decremented by this. If this action is triggered by a message as event, it is also possible to extract the value from the message. The text strings preceding and following the message must be specified for this. If the value is at the beginning or end of the message, only the respective limiting text string must be specified; blanks are ignored.
    • Message text: New target value is 23 degrees, preceding string: is, following string: degrees, extracted value: 23
    • Message text: Maximum number is 5, preceding string: is, following string: (none), extracted value: 5
  • Start or stop timer: The selected timer will be started, paused, stopped and reset or reset and started. A paused timer stores its count and can be continued (started) with this count.
  • Read device: A polling has been started for the selected device, if it is configured for event-driven polling.
  • Reset ALU function: The period of the selected ALU function will be reset.
  • Send message: The selected message will be dispatched. Messages are SMS, e-mails, MQTT messages, cloud server feeds or 104 server messages.
  • Activate profile: The selected profile will be activated and opened.
  • Restart router: The router will perform a restart.
  • Send CLI command to router: The specified CLI command will be sent to the router (not to the application!). Several commands can be transmitted in individual line.
  • Write datalog entry: A new dataset of the selected datalog will be written into the database.
  • Export datalog: The selected datalog will be exported. Optionally, the exported data records can be deleted from the database after export. The exported datasets can be filtered by count or duration.
  • Start sleep mode: The router will be put into sleep mode. The router will restart after the expiry of the configured length, a reset, a temporary loss of power supply or change of state at one of the inputs. This functionality depends on a certain hardware equipment and is not available for all routers.

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