Time-dependent actions allow to execute certain functions regularly at a certain time. This is necessary for example to achieve a daily synchronisation of the system time in the router (will be configured by the startup wizard) or an automated update of the firmware in the router.

The description in this Configuration Guide follows a configuration in the new user interface (web interface) available from icom OS 5.5. Update your router to the latest version of icom OS for the required functionality of the new user interface. The description of this configuration in the classic web interface is available in this Configuration Guide.


A daily e-mail for confirming the readiness for operation of the router (alive message) is to be sent in this example.

cg alive mail


The following elements are required to configure this function:

  • Timer (that triggers the event)

  • Event (that sends the message if triggered)

  • E-mail message

    • E-mail account (for sending the message)

    • Contact (recipient of the message)

  • Netfilter rule (to permit e-mail dispatch in case netfilters are enabled)

A timer will be started that triggers an event when it expires or reaches a certain time. The event will then trigger an action, in this case the dispatch of the message.

It is prerequisite that you have access to the web interface of the router and the router has Internet access. It is recommended to commission the router as suggested in the Quick Installation Guide for this. It is also prerequisite that an e-mail account with a provider exists and this is set up in the router as described in this Configuration Guide.

  1. Open the user interface of the router in a browser:

  2. Click in the update EventsContacts menu on plus to add a new contact for sending the e-mail:

    • Real name: Serves for a clear differentiation of the contacts

    • E-mail address: E-mail address to which the messages are to be sent
      cg en m3 time dependent actions v2 02

  3. Click on   SUBMIT  

  4. Click in the update EventsMessages menu on plus to add a new message for sending the e-mail:

    • Description: Alive message

    • Type: E-mail

    • Recipient: select above added contact

    • Subject: Subject of the alive e-mail

    • Text: Text of the alive e-mail

    • Attachments: attach optional log files to the e-mail
      cg en m3 time dependent actions v2 03

  5. Click on   SUBMIT  

  6. Click in the update EventsTimer menu on plus to add a new Timer for triggering the dispatch:

    • Description: Alive message timer

    • Type: Time

    • Repetition: daily

    • Hour and Minute: enter the time for triggering of the timer
      cg en m3 time dependent actions v2 04

  7. Click on   SUBMIT  

  8. Click in the update EventsEvents menu on plus to add a new event for sending the e-mail:

    • Description: Send alive message

    • Event: Timer expired

    • Timer: select above added timer

    • Action: Send message

    • Message: select above added message
      cg en m3 time dependent actions v2 05

  9. Click on   SUBMIT  

  10. Click in the lan NetworkFirewall / NAT menu on plus to add a new IP filter rule for the connection to the SMTP server: [1]

    • Description: SMTP dispatch

    • Packet direction: OUTPUT

    • Protocol: TCP

    • Output interface: lte2 [2]

    • Destination port: enter the SMTP port configured in the e-mail account settings above
      cg en m3 time dependent actions v2 06

  11. Click on   SUBMIT  

  12. Activate the profile with a click on   ACTIVATE PROFILE  cog white  .

The alive e-mail will be dispatched with the next occurrence of the configured time.


  • If no mail is received when expected, check whether the following settings are correct.

    • System time in router

    • Timer setting

    • E-mail address of recipient

    • E-mail account settings

  • It facilitates troubleshooting to have a look at the Events, Cellular and Network logs in the view dashboard outline StatusLog view menu by clicking on pencil.

  • Message dispatch can also be triggered manually without having to wait for the expiry of the timer for troubleshooting in the cog outline AdministrationDebugging menu.

  • If e-mail dispatch works after disabling the IP filters in the lan NetworkFirewall / NAT menu, a faulty net filter setting is the reason.

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1. This rule permits the router the outgoing TCP connection to the SMTP server of the e-mail provider.
2. It is assumed in this example that the WAN connection takes place via the LTE modem in slot 2. If the WAN connection takes place via a different interface, this must be selected here (e.g. net3 - WAN or lte3).