This Configuration Guide shows how to switch between two WAN chains of a router by changing their priority remotely using the Command Shell in Cumulocity Cloud or Telekom Cloud of Things.


Your router is configured for an application with two redundant WAN connections. Each WAN connection is defined by a WAN chain. A WAN chain is the sequential arrangement of interfaces that defines the establishment of a WAN connection. The first WAN chain will establish a connection to the primary WAN connection on startup. If the first WAN chain fails or the WAN connection is terminated, the second WAN chain will be started. You want to change the priority of the WAN chains via Cloud Control now.


It is prerequisite that you have a cloud service account.
The router must be registered in the cloud service. [1]
The version of the icom Data Suite must be 1.3 or later.

  1. Log in to your Cumulocity Cloud account.

  2. Click on Other applications () in the top right corner and select Device management.

  3. Click on All devices and select your router in the list of all devices.

  4. Click on Shell ()

  5. In the >_ Command field, enter:
    M3.wan.wans.wan_chain.sort_up=2 [2]
    M3.administration.profiles.activate [3]

  6. Click on Execute.

The prefix M3. determines that the commands are sent to the router. The prefix IDS. would determine that the commands are sent to the icom Data Suite.

The commands issued will appear in the command history as PENDING. The commands will modify the profile of the router and then activate the changed profile. After the WAN chain has established the new WAN connection, the command history will show SUCCESSFUL for the commands issued.


  • The commands entered in the Command Shell are case-sensitive.

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1. Refer to the Configuration Guide Registering and Sending a Value to the Cumulocity Cloud to see how to register a router in the Cumulocity Cloud
2. This command moves the WAN chain on position 2 to position 1, i.e. give it highest priority.
3. This command activates the profile that has been changed with the previous command; the profile activation will trigger a re-establishment of the WAN connection using the new primary WAN chain.