The router is to be reset to its delivery state. This achieves a defined initial state, for example to commission the router as described in the Quick Installation Guide. Profiles that might exist on the router can be stored before.


Resetting using the web interface

It is prerequisite that you have access to the web interface of the router.

  1. Open web interface of the router using a browser:


    • User name: insys (default)

    • Password: icom (default)

  2. Store profiles possibly existing on the router as described in Storing and Restoring Settings.

  3. In the AdministrationReset menu, ensure that all delete options are checked and click on Reset now.

Resetting using the reset key

If no access to the web interface is possible, it is also possible to reset the router using the Reset key at the front.

  1. Press the Reset key three times within two seconds briefly. [1]


  • If the router has been reset using the Reset key and is still not available as described in the Quick Installation Guide 15 seconds later, it is possible that the timing when pressing the key was not correct and another try is necessary.

1. One brief actuation resets the software and restarts it (soft reset), an actuation for at least three seconds resets the hardware and restarts it (hard reset).