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Plausibility check

The plausibility check is a tool for checking your configuration. It is started using the button in the title bar or in the Help menu on the Wizards page and opens a new browser tab for this.

The plausibility check will always be applied to the profile that is opened for editing; it does not have to correspond to the running profile at any times. This allows to apply it before activating the profile. It checks the activated functions for the parameters required in the rule. Moreover, it will be checked, whether the IP filters (firewall) permit the typical connections and the activated services.

The plausibility check checks the configuration for completeness and failures in the typical applications and provides indication of expected settings. However, it might still be reasonable in certain cases to ignore notes, warnings and failure messages. It is usually a failure for example to exclude yourself from any further operation of the router; however, this might desired under certain conditions.

Excluded from the check are events, messages and MCIP. NAT will only be checked for masquerade and netmapping, and it will only be checked individually and not in combination.

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