INSYS routers with icom OS provide a function for safe decommissioning.

This deletes all data such as firmware, profiles or containers securely from the device. This ensures that after a router has been used in a safety-critical application, all data on it will be deleted in such a way that the data cannot be restored even with the appropriate effort and tools if the router is physically accessed.

Only a rudimentary rescue system will remain on the router, but this will enable the router to be resurrected.


A router has been decommissioned using the Safe decommissioning function. This router is to be recommissioned.

cg en m3 resurrection 01



  • You will need an Ethernet connection between your configuration computer and the Ethernet port ETH1 of the router.

  • Your configuration computer has a fix IP address in the network

  • You will need a current firmware file from the link:https://icom-os.releasenotes. [Release Notes page, window="_blank"] (this must be a full packet and not an incremental packet).

cg m3 resurrection


  • Routers of the MIRO or MIROdul series require a special firmware file; please contact our Technical Support.

  • Routers that are equipped with an older rescue system (delivered with a firmware version prior to 4.6) must first be recommissioned with firmware version 5.0 before they can be updated to the latest firmware.


  1. Enter the IP address into the address line of your browser.
    cg en m3 resurrection 02

  2. Click on Browse…​, select the firmware file and click on Submit Query.
    cg en m3 resurrection 03

  3. Check the content of the uploaded firmware file and click on Install.
    cg en m3 resurrection 04

  4. Click on Reboot.

The firmware will be uploaded to the router and the router will return to its default settings after the restart.

Note You have the option of uploading additional packages, such as containers, configurations or licenses, to the router together with the firmware in the last step.

Result testing

  1. Open the user interface of the router in a browser: https://insys.icom [1]


  • The browser’s rudimentary rescue system is only accessible via the address; if your browser prevents a connection via HTTP, the browser function or extension that only allows connections via HTTPS must be disabled.

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1. Standard IP address:; authentication depending on configuration; default for past firmware versions: User name: insys, Password: icom