This Configuration Guide shows how to configure a redundant WAN connection.


An INSYS Smart Device has a primary WAN connection over Ethernet, for example to an Internet router. It is necessary to configure a secondary WAN connection that can be used in case the primary WAN connection fails. This can be realised using the connection check function.


It is prerequisite that you have access to the web interface of the router and the router has been comissioned for Internet access via WAN over Ethernet using the Startup Wizard. The Startup Wizard configures a WAN interface and a local LAN network for your router. You’ll now add an additional Internet connection (seconday WAN connection) and configure the connection check of the primary WAN connection. A WAN chain defines a WAN connection. It is the sequential arrangement of interfaces that defines the establishment of a WAN connection.

  1. Open web interface of the router using a browser:


    • User name: insys (default)

    • Password: icom (default)

  2. In the HelpWizards menu, click on Additional Internet connection ().

  3. Select the Interface you want to use for the secondary WAN connection and configure it. [1]

  4. Click on Execute Wizard.

  5. In the WANWAN chains menu, edit the interface of the primary WAN chain ().

  6. Select the secondary WAN chain (wan2) that has been generated using the wizard above under Start WAN chain in case of failure.

  7. Select Ping to under Connection check type and enter

  8. Set the Interval of connection checks to 1 minute.

  9. Click on Save settings.

  10. In the WANWAN chains menu, activate the checkbox Limit lifetime of the secondary WAN chain (wan2).

  11. Enter a Lifetime of 1 minute.

  12. Select the primary WAN chain (wan1) under Start WAN chain after lifetime expired.

  13. Click on Save settings.

  14. In the NetfilterIP filter menu, add an IP filter rule () and edit it (): [2]

    • Description: Permit ping

    • Packet direction: OUTPUT

    • IP version: all

    • Protocol: ICMP

    • Output interface: net3 - WAN

  15. Click on Save settings.

  16. Activate the profile by clicking the blinking gear in the title bar ().

  17. In the StatusSystem status menu, enter a Refresh cycle of a few seconds and click on OK to see the status of the active WAN chain.

  18. Disconnect the Ethernet cable in port 5 and wait for the connection check interval to verify how the WAN chain changes to the secondary WAN connection.

  19. Connect the Ethernet cable again to see how the WAN chain changes back to the primary WAN connection after expiry of the lifetime of the secondary WAN connection.


  • You may disable the netfilters in the NetfilterIP filter menu temporarily to find out if wrong filter settings are the cause for problems.

  • Go to the StatusLog view menu, check Devices and Network, enter an Refresh cycle of 5 seconds and click on Show entries to see which process might fail.

1. You may select an LTE, DSL or network interface here depending on the hardware configuration of your INSYS Smart Device.
2. This rule permits the connection check pings via the interface net3.