The icom Connectivity Suite is a service of INSYS icom for the simple and secure network connection of locations, plants, control centers and mobile devices via a Virtual Private Network [1] (icom Connectivity Suite – VPN) as well as a SIM card management portal (icom Connectivity Suite – M2M SIM).

Both products are independent, but share a common web interface.

In order to be able to use the icom Connectivity Suite, you must subscribe to it first. With the subscription, you subscribe for a 30-day free test access with full functional scope that allows you to register and manage a maximum of 4 devices for operation in the OpenVPN network. The free test phase ends automatically after 30 days. Refer to your sales representative to obtain regular licenses.

Online registration

It is prerequisite that you have Internet access.

  1. Open the web interface of the icom Connectivity Suite using a browser:

  2. Enter your Company name. [2]

  3. Enter your address data.

  4. Enter your personal data.

  5. Enter your User Login Name and Password (twice). [3]

  6. Check I accept the terms of service after reading them.

  7. Enter the captcha text and click on send.

  8. Click on the activation link in the e-mail that has been sent to above specified e-mail address.

  9. Log in to the icom Connectivity Suite using the data that has been sent after above activation to verify a successful registration.


  • Pay attention to the correct spelling of Company name, E-mail address, User Login Name and Password as well as the mandatory fields.

  • Check your spam folder if you don’t receive the activation mail within a few minutes.

  • Refer to the icom Connectivity Suite manual for more information.

1. A VPN is a communications environment in which access is controlled to permit peer connections only within a defined community of interest, and is constructed though some form of partitioning of a common underlying communications medium, where this underlying communications medium provides services to the network on a non-exclusive basis.
2. The company name entered here will then be used to generate the customer name that is used to log in to the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN using the quick start wizard of the INSYS icom devices. Blanks will be replaced with underscores and special characters will be converted in this process.
3. The user name serves for registration to the web interface of the icom Connectivity Suite.