The icom Connectivity Suite – M2M SIM is a management portal for M2M SIM cards from INSYS icom.

All INSYS M2M SIM cards assigned to this icom Connectivity Suite account are available for management here.


You have one or more M2M SIM cards from INSYS icom and need to manage them, for example deactivating them temporarily or changing the rate plan. If your SIM cards that have already been purchased from INSYS icom are not listed, please contact our support team.


It is prerequisite that you are registered with the icom Connectivity Suite and your M2M SIM cards are assigned to your account.

  1. Open the web interface of the icom Connectivity Suite using a browser:

  2. Select the SIM cards tab.

Deactivating and re-activating a SIM card

  1. In the line of the desired SIM card, click on manage.

  2. In order to deactivate an active SIM card, select deactivated under Edit SIM status and click on OK. [1]

  3. In order to re-activate a deactivated SIM card, select activated under Edit SIM status and click on OK.

Changing communication and rate plan of a SIM card

  1. In the line of the desired SIM card, click on manage.

  2. In order to change the communication plan for this card, select the desired region of use under Communication plan. [2]

  3. In order to change the rate plan for this card, select the included data volume under Rate plan. [3]

  4. Click on Change Date and select the date from which above changes will be effective.

  5. Click on OK to confirm your changes.

When changing the communication plan, the current connection will be interrupted for a short time. Therefore, do not change the communication plan during a session.

Viewing the consumed volume

  1. In the line of the desired SIM card, click on SIM card information.

  2. View the consumed data and SMS volume in the current billing cycle.

  3. Click on OK to close the information window.


  • If a SIM card does not work in a specific country, check the Communication plan. If it is set to Germany or EU for example, it will not work outside Europe.

  • If a SIM card is deactivated without having been deactivated, check the consumed data volume. A secure feature deactivates a SIM card automatically if a certain data volume is exceeded for cost control purposes. The data volume limit is 500 MB for the basic plan without included volume (pay as you go) and 1.5 GB for the plans with included volume. A card that has been deactivated by this feature can always be activated again manually.

  • Refer to the icom Connectivity Suite manual for more information.

1. A deactivated SIM card cannot establish an Internet connection to the provider.
2. Select the communication plan according to the countries in which the SIM card is to be used.
3. Select the rate plan according to the expected data volume to be transmitted.