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Serial Ethernet gateway

The serial Ethernet gateway enables the addressing of serial end devices from the local network of the router or via the WAN interface, which are connected to the serial interface. The data which is sent to a configurable network port of the router is output at the serial interface. The connection to the serial Ethernet gateway can either be maintained permanently (leased line mode) or initiated on request.

Modem emulator

The serial Ethernet gateway can emulate a modem. It provides a series of AT commands for this. A modem will be emulated for each connection type with this function. If an outgoing connection has been activated by the command ATD or ATDT , the modem emulator will always be used, even if it is disabled. The following AT commands are supported:

AT command Description
Connection establishment to <IP>:<Port> or <Domain>:<Port>
Following this, the serial Ethernet gateway is in data mode
Redialling of the last dialled connection (only possible as long as the serial Ethernet gateway has not been restarted)
ATH The serial Ethernet gateway closes the serial Internet connection
ATE<n> Configuring the echo behaviour
ATE0 Echo disabled
ATE1 Echo enabled (default)
+++ Puts the serial Ethernet gateway into command mode (a pause of at least one second is necessary before and after the string)
ATO Change from command mode into data mode
ATQ<n> Configuring the quiet behaviour
ATQ0 Messages are sent (default)
ATQ1 No messages are sent
ATV<n> Configuring the message format
ATV0 Messages in short format, i.e. only the error number
ATV1 Messages in long format, i.e. the error text (default)
ATZ Closes the connection

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