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FAQ - Why will my WAN Connection not be Started?

In contrast to a local network (LAN), a WAN connection will not be started immediately. A WAN connection will then be established, if a WAN chain, which contains the respective WAN interface, is started. The status of the existing WAN chain is displayed in the Status menu on the System status page.

The following prerequisites must be met for a functional WAN connection:

  • In case of an Ethernet connection, the respective IP net must be activated (menu Interfaces - page IP net [x])
  • In case of a cellular connection, the respective modem interface must be configured correctly (menu Interfaces - page Slot [x]: [Modem])
  • The WAN interface must be contained in a WAN chain (menu WAN - page WAN chains)
  • If the WAN chain contains more than one interface, all must be functional that the WAN chain can be started
  • If more than one WAN chain exists, sequential order and WAN chain to be started in case of failure are decisive

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