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Symbol explanation

The web interface of the router provides a series of symbols that are used repeatedly on several configuration pages and have a similar function throughout.

Symbols in the title bar

Displaying the web interface in German language.
Displaying the web interface in English language.
Displaying the inline help in the web interface.
Logging out from the web interface.
Executing the plausibility check
Activating the changed profile.
The symbol appears if the opened profile has been modified and differs from the running profile. A click on the symbol activates the opened and modified profile (i.e. will be made to the running profile) and the symbol disappears again.

Symbols on the configuration pages

Toggling the visibility of the password.
Displaying a page with further information, e.g.: List of known APNs.
Adding an element to a list.
Removing this element.
Editing this element.
Copying this element.
Moving this element by one position upwards in the list.
Moving this element by one position downwards in the list.
Generating a key or container.
Starting an assistant.
Downloading a file provided by the router.
Blocking a certificate or key for download.
Blocking the router for the upload of unsigned update packets.
Certificate or key are permanently blocked for download.
Router blocked for the upload of unsigned update packets.
Opening an information file.
Opening a profile.
Activating and opening a profile.
Downloading a profile in binary format.
Downloading a profile or configuration in ASCII format.
Applying an ASCII configuration.

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