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System status

The different system status values of the router can be used as data points in the icom Data Suite. The values can be queried in events.

The following system status values are available depending on the router or router variant:

TypeValueCommentData type
WANStatusCurrent status of the WAN chain (online or offline)String
 NameName of the active WAN chainString
 Connection timeTime in seconds since the WAN chain is onlineAnalogue
Ethernet portLinkLink status of the respective Ethernet port (up or down)String
 SpeedBaud rate of the respective Ethernet portAnalogue
 DuplexDuplex setting of the respective Ethernet port (full or half)String
LTEStatusCurrent status of the LTE modemString
 Provider5- or 6-digit provider ID (consisting of MCC (Mobile Country Code) + MNC (Mobile Network Code) of the currently used network providerAnalog
 Network registration stateCurrent status of the cellular connectionString
 Used netCurrently used cellular radio standardString
 Signal field strengthCurrent signal field strength in a scale from 0 to 31, where a high value indicates a better signal; 99 stands for no antenna connectedAnalogue
 Cell IDCID; cell identification; a unique identifier that is assigned in the GSM network to a Base Transceiver Station; specified in hexadecimal notationString
 Location IDLAC; location area number, specifies the location area in the cellular network (LAI) together with the provider identifier (MCC + MNC); specified in hexadecimal notation; in combination with the Cell ID, LAI + CID becomes to the world-wide unique Global Cell ID (GCID)String
 SMS centerThe message center number of the provider that is stored on the SIM cardString
 SIM stateCurrent status of the SIM cardString
 PIN stateCurrent status of the PIN of the SIM cardString
 Remaining PIN entry triesNumber of the still remaining unsuccessful input attempts before the SIM card will be blockedAnalogue
 IMSIInternational cellular terminal identification that is used in cellular networks to identify participants positivelyString
 USIMUniversal Subscriber Identity Module number of the SIM cardString
 IMEIUnique 15-digit serial number that can be used to identify every cellular terminal device positively world-wideString
 Supply VoltageCurrent supply voltage of the cellular engine in millivoltsAnalogue
 Supply voltage statusStatus of the power supply of the cellular engineString
 TemperatureCurrent temperature of the cellular engine in degree CelsiusAnalogue
 Temperature statusTemperature status of the cellular engineString
 Signal indicatorCellular radio situation of the radio interface (0 = no signal to 4 = very good reception)Analogue
 RSSIReceived Signal Strength Indicator, value of the signal field strength in dBm (only available for 2G)Analogue
 RSCPReceived Signal Code Power, indication for the signal field strength in dBm (only available for 3G)Analogue
 Ec/NoReceived energy per chip divided by the power density in the band in dB (only available for 3G)Analogue
 RSRPReference Signal Received Power, reference signal of the received field strength at the terminal device in dBm (only available for 4G)Analogue
 RSRQReference Signal Received Quality, ratio of the number of the useful signal RSRP and the total signal RSSI over all resource blocks of the band with in dB (only available for 4G)Analogue
 ID textInformation about the exact identification of the used cellular engineString
 Firmware versionFirmware version of the cellular engineString
DSLStatusCurrent status of the DSL modem (Silent, Handshake Training or Showtime)String
 modeUsed DSL standard (ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ or VDSL)String
 AnnexUsed DSL connection typeString
 Receive bit rateRate of the received data in bits/secondAnalogue
 Transmit bit rateRate of the transmitted data in bits/secondAnalogue
 TemperatureCurrent temperature of the DSL modem processor in degree CelsiusAnalogue
 VersionFirmware of the DSL modemString
 MAC addressMAC address of the DSL modemString
 Signal Noise Ratio Margin in CPESignal noise ratio margin in customer premise equipmentAnalogue
 Signal Noise Ratio Margin in COSignal noise ratio margin in central officeAnalogue
 Line attenuation downstreamLine attenuation downstream in dBAnalogue
 Line attenuation upstreamLine attenuation upstream in dBAnalogue
 Signal attenuation downstreamSignal attenuation downstream in dBAnalogue
 Signal attenuation upstreamSignal attenuation upstream in dBAnalogue
 Transmit power downstreamTransmit power downstream in dBAnalogue
 Transmit power upstreamTransmit power upstream in dBAnalogue
 Maximum attainable data rate downstreamMaximum attainable data rate downstream in bits/secondAnalogue
 Maximum attainable data rate upstreamMaximum attainable data rate upstream in bits/secondAnalogue
 XTSE capabilities of central officeXTSE capabilities of central officeString
 Vendor ID of the central officeVendor ID of the central officeString
Voltage of power supply Voltage at the respective power supply connection in voltsAnalogue
Time status Source of the time information for the real-time clock of the routerString

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