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Command Shell

The Command Shell allows direct access to the command line (CLI) of the icom Data Suite from the Cumulocity Cloud or Telekom Cloud of Things. The subitem Shell on the page of the respective device in the cloud service allows to enter CLI commands which can be transmitted to the icom Data Suite using the Execute button. The output of the commands will then take place below the command in the command history of the Command Shell.

The syntax corresponds to entering a command in the CLI. A prefix will be put in front to identify the addressee. Commands to the icom Data Suite start with the prefix IDS. (this is case-sensitive).

Example for entering a command:

Example for entering several commands in separate lines:

Example for entering several commands in a command block (with Lua script):
print("Command Shell is awesome!")

When entering several commands at once, it must be observed that they must not be directed to different addressees, i.e. only to the icom Data Suite for example!

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