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The auto update function provides for a regular update of the router firmware.

The following elements are required to ensure the regular update of the router firmware:

Besides the use of the INSYS icom update server, it is also possible to operate an own update server and configure it here.

  1. Click in the cog AdministrationAutomatic update menu in the Server for automatic updates section in the row of the auto update server on pencil and check the checkbox active.

  2. Click on   SUBMIT  .

  3. Click in theupdate EventsEvents menu on plus and add a new event:

    • Event: select a regular occurring event that is supposed to trigger the automatic update [1]

    • Action: Start Auto Update

  4. Click on   SUBMIT  .

  5. Click in the lan NetworkFirewall / NAT menu in the line of the already existing filter rule INSYS Update Server: allow HTTPS on pencil and check the checkbox active. [2]

  6. Click on   SUBMIT  .

  7. Click on   ACTIVATE PROFILE  cog white  .

  8. To test the automatic update, click in the cog AdministrationUpdate menu on   START AUTO UPDATE NOW  refresh white  .

1. A regular event can be the change of an interface state to online or the expiry of a timer for example.
2. This filter rule required for the connection to the update server is already existing and activated in default settings.