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Find helpful information for commissioning, configuration and successful operation of routers, software and services of INSYS icom here.

The solutions created with the aid of the Configuration Guides and other tools provided by INSYS must be evaluated thoroughly by the customer before they are taken over for productive use. INSYS does not assume any liability for damages resulting from the information provided here.

Configuration Guides

This is a growing collection of Configuration Guides for INSYS Routers operating under icom OS and the icom Data Suite running on these devices as well as the icom Connectivity Suite.

The Configuration Guides show how to configure our routers, services and apps for typical applications. They aid with incorporating our routers, services and apps into your whole solution. Since each solution is unique, the Configuration Guides may only be used as guidelines for individual parts of your whole solution. Needless to say, these need to be adapted to the different requirements of your solution.

IT Security

Use IT Security - Overview to protect your securtiy critical applications in a way that they comply with the requirements for critical infrastructures (CI).

Router Platforms, Applications and Services

The Configuration Guides are divided into the two router platforms with the operating systems icom OS (MRX, MRO, ECR, SCR) and INSYS OS (MoRoS, EBW, IMON), the IoT Gateway applications icom Data Suite and Monitoring App and the VPN service icom Connectivity Suite.

We are looking forward to your feedback on our Configuration Guides. Don't hesitate to send us your suggestions for extending and improving our collection of Configuration Guides. Just send an e-mail to

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Video Tutorials

We've prepared a series of video tutorials that show you how to configure and operate our routers and services.

Online Help

Our routers running the operating system icom OS and the icom Data Suite feature an Online Help running on the router with many helpful topics regarding configuration and operation. Have a look at this online help here.

Product and Service Descriptions - Managed Services

These are the product and service descriptions of our Managed Services.